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The Gospel and Academia Project:
Example Resources

The Gospel and Academia Project will be curating, developing and sharing a variety of resources.

Study & Discussion Series

Example of a recent Postgraduate E-Network series on Dr Chris Watkin’s Biblical Critical Theory

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Ideas for Group Leaders

Thinking Christianly in Academia

How to Organise an Evangelistic Event as a Postgraduate Christian Group

Connecting with International Postgraduate Students

How to Start or Revive a Postgraduate Group

Conference Videos

We will be sharing videos from a range of our events and those of our partners.

Dr Dan Strange

Speaking of Hope

Dr Chris Watkin

Introduction to Biblical Critical Theory

Dr David McIlroy

Narratives of Modernity and Christianity

Fellows Curriculum

A 22 week intensive development programme in three semesters. For the list of headings click below.

Regional programmes on your behalf

Student ministry staff usually work in a stretched environment with many more opportunities for service than capacity allows.

Often the most helpful thing we can do to serve busy national movements is offer programmes run on their behalf.

This allows them, for instance, to point their academics to the FEUER Academic Speakers’ Network, or their doctoral students to sign up to the IFES Europe Postgrad Initiative.