Good News
for the University


There are growing opportunities for evangelical academics to share practical fellowship with the student ministries in Europe.

Evangelistic Lectures and Dialogues

The FEUER Academic Speakers’ Network hosts an annual conference gathering around Prof John Lennox to envision and equip Christian academics for the public commendation of the gospel in European universities.

Speakers engage in the big questions of their field and benefit from giving small group practice talks with peer feedback. Invitations to the conference are handled through recommendation from your national IFES movement, and the gathering is hosted in parallel with the FEUER evangelists network leading to introductions and speaking opportunities.

Resource Development & Essay Prize

The Gospel and Academia Project – GAP – seeks to strengthen an evangelical contribution to the wider faith-and-scholarship conversation by providing a dedicated space for those whose primary confessional commitments are clear but who would like to help each other fill what is often perceived as a ‘gap’ when it comes to an evangelical concentration in this arena.

The first phase of the project is theological in focus and explores three foundational principles for effective gospel partnership within this sector.

Shortly we will be commissioning discipline-specific case study examples, annotated bibliographies and contributions on specific themes which will feed into the wider Good News for the University ministries.

Contact us to find out more.