Good News
for the University

Ministry Staff

If you’re on staff in one of the European IFES movements, we’re here to support you as you serve your students and academics.


If you’d like to bounce ideas around or hear more of what’s going on elsewhere, we’d be delighted to chat.

Inspirational Models

Good News for the University will be sharing stories and examples from across Europe as we inspire one another in our shared vision.

Some of our larger movements like SMD in Germany or UCCF in Great Britain already have their own specialist ministries and partners in this area, such as the Institut für Glaube und Wissenschaft, and UCCF Leadership Network.

Other models will be more local, such as study centres. We’ll be profiling models from across the whole region. Watch this space!

Regional programmes on your behalf

Student ministry staff usually work in a stretched environment with many more opportunities for service than capacity allows.

Often the most helpful thing we can do to serve busy national movements is offer programmes run on their behalf.

This allows them, for instance, to point their academics to the FEUER Academic Speakers’ Network, or their doctoral students to sign up to the IFES Europe Postgrad Initiative.

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