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Postgrad Initiative:
The Association of Christian
Postgraduate Groups

Meeting together locally across Europe, students are supporting one another in our shared calling as young academics.

What is it?

The Association of Christian Postgraduate Groups allows self-led groups for Christian postgraduate students in Europe to gain the profile and support which results from deliberately associating together around a shared mission and common values.

We introduced the Association in response to requests over recent years from independent local groups who have sought such a shared platform, and have seen IFES as its natural home.

The Association is co-ordinated by Martin Herdegen, who is an associate professor of financial mathematics. He has experience of ministry across three European countries. As an undergraduate he studied in Munich in his native Germany. As a doctoral student in Zurich he helped to found a local postgraduate group in conjunction with the German-speaking Swiss IFES movement. On moving to his current role at the University of Warwick, he started a postgrad and staff fellowship.

Association mentors include Tom Rizzo, a Professor of Chemistry at EPFL, Switzerland, and others who work alongside Martin in support and encouragement of group leaders, and they are all supported administratively by Jon Savage.

Why join?

Association Groups

Durham Postgraduate Christian Fellowship

True Foundation, Nottingham

Loughborough Christian Postgraduate Group

Good News for the University - University of Birmingham

Christian Postgraduate and Staff Network, Warwick


Cambridge Christian Graduate Society


Cambridge Christian Educationalist Network

Christian Postgraduate Group London


Christian Academics Cologne

Christian Academics Group, Lausanne

Graduate Christian Fellowship Zürich


Christian Academics Munich


MEKDSZ, Budapest


Re-faith, Göttingen



Next Steps

If you’re interested in joining the Association with your group, planning to start a new group in your city or looking to contact a specific postgraduate group, we would love to hear from you. Please fill in the form below, and your message will be sent to the group you select.